Budding gardeners

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A 2010 study commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) found that children in schools that encouraged gardening became more resilient, confident, eager to learn and have healthier life styles. It also found that gardening had a positive impact on children’s literacy and numeracy development and that it led to a more active, inquisitive approach to learning and improved problem-solving skills.

At Peek a Boo we provide and model activities which embed healthy lifestyle messages, not only by providing balanced and nutritious food for meals but also by setting an environment where children can explore food in various ways with positive encouragement and support.

We see that benefits of gardening with young children (or any children for that matter) are enormous. To cater to the needs of our little gardners we have a dedicated area with raised beds. Regular hands on experiences with plants, animals and insects provide an essential part of learning and development as well as supporting children’s emotional and physical health and wellbeing. Children here can explore and learn a variety of techniques such as digging, sowing, potting, watering and harvesting. At the same time they learn about the nature and living environment around them through practical experience and play. 

Gardening, growing and exploring the outdoors also provides endless opportunity for children to be physically active.