About us

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A safe, stimulating and spiritual environment with unique learning opportunities.

A setting that builds a strong and skillful communicator and a healthy and happy child.

All round carers who actively support and extend children's learning with a wide range of activities to meet their needs, learning styles and interests.


Our primary focus is to love, nurture and take the best possible care of your children in a fun, warm, loving and spiritual environment.  Our secondary focus is to begin the process of childhood education through learning activities - formal and informal - while keeping our play-based learning programme fun and creative. 

Early learning is the key to your child’s future. We offer a wide variety of stimulating learning activities that encourage and challenge children in many areas. Each day is carefully planned to ensure children receive positive experiences during their time with us. At Peek a Boo Nursery we follow a national curriculum for all children under five called the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’.

Families make the greatest difference in their children’s development at this stage. We work in close partnership with parents and carers who are their children’s first teachers, to ensure every child is given the best opportunity to develop — providing tailored learning programmes for all ages.

We carefully hand-pick our team from the best candidates and are committed to giving them dedicated training and support in the latest developments in childcare. Our loving caregivers continuously strive to foster the nurturing environment parents provide for their own children at home. All staff members are DBS checked. They also have additional qualifications such as first aid and child protection. We ensure that staff are trained to NVQ Level 3 and above.